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Roger & Krista's Project

We took this mid 1970's  style bathroom with all its pink glory and transformed it into a modern sophisticated bathroom. Although we are a fan of the color pink, this bathroom needed some masculinity and we achieved just that with warm tones, bronze finishes and accent tile to really tie it together.  Check out some of it's features listed below. Continue scrolling to hear what our client has to say about us and check out the before, during and after photos. 

  • Triple function shower diverter 

  • Bronze finishes & warm tones

  • Horizontal accent tile strip 

  • Tile corner shelves (match the accent tile color)

  • Full tile wall continued from shower

  • Two modern vanities

  • Large mirrors for illusion of space

  • Frameless glass shower door/Barn door style

  • Tile baseboards

photo aug 01, 4 36 08 pm.jpg

"My wife and I had our master bathroom remodeled.  We interviewed 4 contractors and fortunately chose Infinity Home Remodeling to do our renovation.  They were a partner and supported us not only in the build but also occasionally with design suggestions: such as metal trim for the tile instead of the more traditional bullnose (and it looked great) and fixes for unexpected issues that inevitably occur during renovations.  When we found out we had the wrong diverter Brenda was in her car going to the store to get the correct one before we could reach her to let her know we had called and one had been ordered. Jorge made us aware of options we had during the Reno that we would not have known about otherwise, explained the pros/cons and costs.  They identified plumbing and electrical work that had previously been installed incorrectly, and fixed it bringing it to code.  This may seem like all of the things you would expect a good contractor to do, and it is, but in our experience many do not. Jorge's team were also incredibly neat, we barely had any additional cleaning to do even at the height of the demolition.  Jorge told me from the beginning that they wanted us to be happy with the result and that he would do whatever needed to be done to assure that.  Jorge and his excellent crew always put in the extra time and effort to do things correctly (not just quickly or cheaply).  I will never use anyone else, there is no better feeling when your house is being torn apart than knowing that you can completely rely on your contractor to achieve the best version of your vision for the renovation.  I can not recommend Infinity Home Remodeling highly enough.  Thank you Brenda and Jorge.

Sincerely, Roger and Krista"

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