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Gaithersburg, MD Curbless Shower

It really was a pleasure working with this family in Gaithersburg, MD. They were looking to convert the guest bathroom which had a tub into a shower so it could be more accessible for their child. We worked on a design that would truly make the bathroom easy for their family. We created a curbless shower for easy no trip entry!  We had fun helping them pick out the tile and design.  Below are our some of the features; 

  • Conversion of tub into Curb-less shower; seamless transition from bathroom floor to shower area, no trip hazards

  • Modern square features including a very unique vanity which the homeowner picked out (we love it)

  • New large double section niche 

  • Energy saving push button toilet

  • Removal of bulk head for even ceiling

  • Recessed lights and new exhaust fan 

  • Chrome finishes all around

photo jun 29, 9 53 48 pm.jpg
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