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Silver Spring  Bathroom Remodel for Returning Clients

We are grateful and honored to be able to work with these returning clients. When clients trust you and call you for another home improvement project it is very special. 


This family noticed there was water between an existing bathtub sleeve and the bathtub beneath it. When they would use the shower they could feel the water swishing around. They had also had a leak in this bathroom a couple of months before. It was the perfect opportunity for them to update their main bathroom! 


 We removed the sleeve, removed the bathtub underneath it, and fixed all the plumbing. Since this was not their first go around with a bathroom remodel, they choose all their materials and finishes! We also removed all the wainscoting from the bathroom, replaced the damaged plaster wall with drywall, and updated the fixtures. Our favorite features are listed below; 

  • New functioning bathtub

  • Fully tiled shower walls 

  • Beautifully centered niche with accent tile 

  • Brushed nickel trim and accessories 

  • Removed wainscoting panels and installed drywall instead of plaster

  • Water saving toilet  

Check out all the before, during, and after photos.

The bathroom project took 3 weeks from start to finish 

Location: Silver Spring, MD 

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